Happy puppy dog smiling

What Supplies Do You Need to Take Care of Your Dog

Happy puppy dog smiling

Natural dog care products  from Rowe Casa organics will help keep your dog comfortable and happy. While you may already have a leash, harness, and treats, there are other products out there to help you best care for your dog. This is why Rowe Casa has created a whole line of pet products to help your dog look and feel their best. 

Rowe Casa Natural Dog Care Products 

Rowe Casa  natural dog care products  are all organic and crafted from high-quality ingredients. Our natural pet care products will help you care for your dog’s skin and fur. Some of the natural dog care products we offer are shampoo, bug spray, and drops for inflammation. Let’s look a little further into each. 

Dog Skin Care Products 

Just like with humans, the environment can take a toll on our pup’s skin. Everyone who has a dog knows that it can be hard for a dog to leave their irritated skin alone. Often, constant licking or scratching will further irritate the skin and prevent it from healing. This can seem like an endless cycle and your poor pup never fully heals. That’s where Rowe Casa Hot Spot Drops come in. 

These drops are formulated from organic ingredients to help heal your dog’s itchy or irritated skin. Avocado and calendula oil combined with colloidal silver and essential oils soothe irritated skin. The relief your dog will feel is what makes this one of our favorite natural dog care products. But what do these ingredients do? 

You can guess where avocado oil comes from. But what is calendula oil? Well, it actually comes from marigold flowers. As this article from Wag states, “calendula acts as a catalyst to healing by stimulating fibroblastic activity. As an added bonus, it comes equipped with antimicrobial properties, which play an essential role in preventing further infection.” Paired with the antibacterial properties of silver and the combined scent of essential oils will help your dog relax. And maybe stop scratching their irritated skin. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Natural Dog Grooming Products

Of course, you want your dog to look good and have a nice healthy coat. That’s where Doggy Shampoo comes in. This natural dog care product is designed for the regular washing of your dog. We combine castile soap with some seriously good smelling herbs: lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and more. These herbs not only help your dog smell good, but can also be relaxing, making bath time a little easier if you have an anxious pup. We all love our dogs and snuggling up with them, but not so much when they’ve just rolled around in something smelly. Keep your pup smelling fresh with Rowe Casa Doggy Shampoo. 

If you don’t have time for a full wash, try out Rowe Casa Odor Spray. This easy, on-the-go spray is perfect for keeping in the car or your bag. Neutralize odors instantly and enjoy the orange and eucalyptus scent. Using this spray is also a great way to prevent odors from accumulating in your car or house. A quick spritz and your dog can ride in the car or lounge on the rug without making it smell bad. This odor spray works on soft goods as well. If your dog's bed or crate is getting a little funky, freshen it up with Rowe Casa Odor Spray. 

Prevention and Treatment  

One of the best ways to keep your dog happy and comfortable is through proactive prevention of some common ailments. For example, Our Doggy Insect Repellent blocks fleas, ticks, and mosquitos from landing on your pet so that you won’t have to deal with a flea problem or itchy bites on your dog’s skin. 

Two other common issues with dogs are anxiety and inflammation. You may have come to dread the 4th of July; all those fireworks scare the kibble out of your pup. Maybe car rides or being alone is stressful for your dog. To soothe this anxiety, Rowe Casa has made a Doggy Calming Spray. Lavender, camomile, and cedar combine to relax your dog in stressful environments. 

The final natural dog care product on our list is Inflammation Drops. As our dogs age their joints can get stiff, just like ours. Rowe Casa Inflammation Drops combat this with a mixture of ginger, copaiba, and frankincense. Relieve your pup’s pain by simply applying a few drops to any spots that are sore. 

We hope that you and your pet will enjoy Rowe Casa all natural dog products as much as we do. Can’t decide which one to get? This great 4 Piece Bundle is a great way to go. Shop all of Rowe Casa’s pet products. Your pup will thank you.