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  • Signage and Displays

    Rowe Casa offers a variety of signs and displays to promote and drive sales of your Rowe Casa products.

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  • Bundle Discounts

    Want an even higher discount? Rowe Casa offers steeper discounts on a variety of products when purchased in a bundle.

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  • Multi-Pack Discounts

    Shop our collection of products where you can receiving an additional discount by purchasing more.

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  • Media

    Rowe Casa provides our wholesale partners media that you can use to help promote and drive sales of Rowe Casa.

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Wholesale Welcome Packet

Filled with helpful information about signage, display tips, insights into all natural products, and more! This Welcome Packet includes ordering information, the Wholesale Agreement, and ten helpful tips for success.

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What is the lower minimum?

All wholesale orders must meet a retail minimum of $400 retail ($280 wholesale) to receive a 30% discount, or $1670 retail
($1000 wholesale) to receive a 40% discount.

When are new product launches?

New products will launch each season, so we will have 4 launches per year. These launches are typically early to mid quarter, but this could change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Why isn’t my discount showing up?

You MUST be logged in with your email AND password each time you order for your discount to apply. If you notice it not applying, please clear your cart, close your browser, open a new browser login FIRST, add items to your cart and proceed to checkout. This is best completed from a desktop or laptop computer as opposed to a mobile device. 

How do I place an order?

Login to your account with the email address associated with your wholesale account, add items to your cart, proceed to checkout, double check all of your information is correct and submit your order.

Does wholesale qualify for free shipping?

We offer low cost, flat rate shipping options of $18.70 and $37.40 for our wholesale accounts, depending on the amount that’s in your cart. **Free shipping is not available for our wholesale customers.**

How do I get added to the store locator?

After you are set up and ready for customers, please send your store name and address and I will add you to the store locator.

I want to set up a second location or I am moving locations, what do I need to do?

Before carrying products in a second location or moving from your current location, please email me at so I can approve the area and update your information.

Can I sell products on my website?

Rowe Casa products are to only be sold in a store front location and are not to be sold on your website.

Can I advertise on social media?

We would love for you to let your customer know what products you carry as well as share information about specific products.  We ask that you SHARE posts made by Rowe Casa Organics and do not make them look like your own.

How often do I have to place an order?

Wholesalers are required to place at least one order every quarter (90 days) to remain as an active wholesale account.

What price do I charge for products?

All wholesale locations are required to charge the same amount as product price listed on In-store sales are allowed and may match sale prices on the website; however, it is not required to do so. Extended sale times, online sales, and shipping Rowe Casa Organics products are prohibited.