Does Elderberry Support Your Immune System?

Does Elderberry Support Your Immune System?

Believe it or not, but elderberry provides numerous health benefits. Along with being considered one of the world's best healing plants, elderberry is a versatile and powerful ingredient that is tied to a specific strain of elder plant: Sambucus nigra.

Usage as a healing plant dates back thousands of years and even Hippocrates -- the father of medicine -- said that elderberry was a de facto medicine chest. Even today, elderberry is used for the immune system and to provide other health benefits from this natural and powerful holistic ingredient.

Elderberry Benefits

Because the berries and flower of the elderberry plant are chocked full with antioxidants and vitamins, it's widely regarded that elderberry is great for the immune system. But the benefit of elderberry doesn't stop at immune support -- it can also help reduce inflammation and stress, as well as helping to protect your heart.

In fact, some experts recommend taking elderberry syrup for colds and the flu, making it one of the few treatments for upper-respiratory afflictions that isn't solely about managing symptoms. Elderberry is also a common treatment for fighting infections that can make it difficult to breathe, while others may use elderberry to help reduce joint and muscle pain.

Elderberry is taken by those that suffer from headaches, fever and stress, and regular use of elderberry may be able to help reduce the prevalence of minor skin conditions, kidney problems or epilepsy. Even HIV and AIDS patients have been known to take elderberry to help boost their immune defense.

Along with a healthy diet and foods that are high in vitamin B, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, elderberry is safe and effective in helping with a whole host of health issues. This is in part due to the high concentration of vitamin C and dietary fiber in elderberry, though it's also known as an antioxidant and effective in lowering inflammation in the body.

Elderberry Uses

Elderberry, in addition to being great for the immune system, is commonly available as a syrup (our favorite), as well as in pills, lozenges, gummies and teas. You may also find elderberry in body lotions, jams and wine, even as the plant itself is not widely available in the American market.

While some may doubt elderberry's effectiveness, most doctors agree that elderberry is safe for the immune system. Uncooked berries or flower directly from the elderberry plant can cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, but this is more of a function of consuming unripe foods. Note that branches, twigs, leaves, seeds and roots of the elderberry plant are toxic if consumed directly.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and thinking about taking elderberry for your immune system, it's important to discuss taking any new medicine with your doctor. Elderberry is also a light diuretic due to the fiber packed inside, which can be helpful in certain circumstances but lead to negative interactions with existing medications.

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