Wholesale Agreement


The terms and conditions stated herein shall govern all wholesale sales of products by Rowe Casa Organics. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice by Rowe Casa Organics. Please review these terms and conditions in their entirety.


This Wholesale Agreement (the "Agreement") is made between Rowe Casa Organics (referred to as we, our, or us), and the Wholesaler (referred to as you, your, or purchaser). Rowe Casa Organics reserves the right to refuse or cancel wholesale accounts for any reason whatsoever.

1. Certification
To qualify to open a wholesale account with Rowe Casa Organics, purchaser must provide a current resale certificate and all required information/documentation before account approval.

2. Storefront
A permanent storefront is required. This is included but not limited to retail stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, clinics, boutiques, and salons. Purchaser is prohibited from selling Rowe Casa products from a personal home/personal property. Purchaser is prohibited from selling Rowe Casa products in trade shows. Purchaser is allowed to sell at county/state fairs, farmers markets, and vendor markets upon approval gained from Rowe Casa Organics and it is a booth that is representing or displaying the permanent store front.

3. Store Locations
Additional store locations and/or store relocations must first be approved before offering Rowe Casa Products in the location.

4. Store Audits
Rowe Casa Organics reserves the right to audit any store/wholesale location to ensure wholesaler is adhering to the terms and conditions of this agreement. It is at the discretion of Rowe Casa Organics to terminate this agreement in the event that terms and conditions are not being followed.

5. Order Requirements
Purchaser shall place at least one order every quarter (90 days) to remain as an active wholesale account. Purchaser will be given due communication if this requirement is not met and moved to inactive status. Once placed in inactive status, Rowe Casa Organics holds the authority to reach out to store
fronts on the waitlist in purchaser's area.

6. Shipping and Payment Policy
Payment by purchaser is due at time of order. Our processing time is 3-5
business days (subject to change during sales and holidays) and will ship via the most efficient shipping method chosen by Rowe Casa Organics.

7. Transfer of ownership
Upon shipment and once the carrier retrieves products from the facility to begin transit, products in the order are no longer property of Rowe Casa Organics. Ownership is transferred to purchaser.

8. Notification of Complaints
Purchaser shall notify Rowe Casa Organics within 14 calendar days of receipt of Rowe Casa Organics products regarding any defect or damaged shipment.

9. Customer Complaints
If a store customer brings product back due to quality issues, this can be directly handled through Rowe Casa Organics Customer Service at
info@rowecasaorganics.com. If a store customer wants to return/exchange a Rowe Casa product for any other reason than quality, it is at Purchaser's
discretion as to refund/replace. This includes products sold/purchased after the labeled expiration date.

10. Current Products
All Rowe Casa Organics products on store shelves must be in current labels by December 31, 2022. All Rowe Casa products on store shelves must be within range of labeled expiration date or "best buy" date. All display areas must be kept neat, organized, and well stocked.

11. Pricing and Online Sales Policy
Purchaser shall charge the same amount as product price listed on
rowecasaorganics.com. In-store sales are allowed and may match sales prices on the website; however, it is not required to do so. Extended sale times, online sales, and shipping Rowe Casa Organics products is prohibited. We do
offer percent off sales & Facebook Live sales occasionally for our customers - these deals cannot be combined with your wholesale discount. Subscribe and save is not available for wholesale customers.

12. Social Media Policy
While we encourage our stores to post about Rowe Casa on their social media platforms, using, sharing, copying, or quoting personal posts from customers and members in the Facebook VIP group or any social media platform is prohibited. Within the VIP group you may also share your location as a new store and share "restock" posts. However, posts related to sales at your storefront are not allowed. In addition, any negative posts about Rowe Casa Organics on social media or any other public forum is grounds for removal from the wholesale program.

13. New Product Launches
Purchaser may not advertise, sell, or make available any information regarding new products, reformulated products, or repackaged products prior to public
product and launch by Rowe Casa Organics. Doing so may result in removal from the wholesale program and termination of the Wholesale Agreement. See "New Product Launch" guidelines provided to you upon wholesale program approval.