benefits of self-care

Personal Care Product Recommendations

benefits of self-care

Did you know that you can experience the same benefits of self-care using personal care products? 

Normally, you don’t associate those two together despite how similar they seem.

However, you can promote self-care importance by doing everyday activities, even when doing your beauty routine.

To experience both benefits of self-care and personal care, here are six personal care products you can try. 

Detox Bath Salts

Your body is likely to absorb harmful, environmental toxins from your day-to-day activities. This unwanted debris can build up, causing your skin to break out, dry out, or even get infected. You can detoxify your skin in the comfort of your own home with a warm bath and detox bath salts.

Try our detox bath salts to pull out toxins and other impurities, as well as revitalize your skin. Taking a detox bath can also help you unwind and destress. For best results, make sure to take detox baths at least once or twice a week and stay hydrated after every bath.   

Bath Bombs

Much like our detox bath salts, dropping one of our six all-new therapeutic bath bombs in before you take a warm bath will also help you unwind, destress, and remove unwanted toxins. 

However, these bath bombs have the added benefit of helping you reduce inflammation, soothe and relieve dry itchy skin, and balance your skin’s pH levels. 

You can choose a single bath bomb or try the 6-pack and experience all of them. Options include: Muscle Relief, Relax, Revive, Romance, Sleep, and Wellness. These options are also available as Bath Bomb powders.

Face Cream

When looking for face moisturizers, you want one that keeps your skin hydrated and promotes skin regeneration. 

If you want these features minus the false fragrances and toxic chemicals, consider trying our face cream which comes in two options: frankincense, or frankincense with bakuchiol.

Frankincense is a versatile essential oil with several health and personal care benefits. When absorbed by the skin, frankincense helps with several types of sickness and is used to help alleviate stress as well.

Bakuchiol meanwhile acts as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation. It is derived from bakuchiol seeds and is safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Hand Cream

Good hand cream should keep your hands moisturized and give them a silky-smooth feeling. You should choose one which will not put your body at risk from harmful toxins.

You should try our hand cream which comes in two options: Happiness and Pumpkin Spice (Seasonally available).

Apply Happiness on your hands to leave you with the scents of our Happy Blend, with essential oils that are sweet and floral. 

The scents of Pumpkin Spice, which is a blend of essential oils that offer a comforting scent, leave you thinking of Fall every time you apply.

Body Butter

Body Butter is a wonderful addition to your collection when you’re shopping for personal care supplies due to its numerous positive effects on the skin.

You can try our original blend of body butter infused with frankincense and bakuchiol, or try our three scented options which coordinate with our body washes: Divine, Sleep, and Tropical.

Divine contains grapefruit which is said to help balance your mood. Sleep contains lavender and roman chamomile: two known essential oils which help calm the nerves and induce sleep. Lift your mood when you try our bergamot-infused blend Tropical.

Detox Mask

A great addition to your hygiene routine is a detox mask, which not only keeps your face beautiful, but also keeps it healthy and toxin-free.

Try our detox mask to experience a powerful blend that exfoliates, pulls out toxins, and revitalizes your complexion.

Other uses include armpit detox, spot treatment for blemishes, and relief for insect bites and stings.

Shop our natural personal care products today.